“Thoughts of Thanksgiving”

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. It’s definitely my
favorite meal but it’s also full of so much nostalgia. I can still remember the
excitement of waking up early to watch the parades; I can picture my grandmom
cooking for days; I can smell the turkey roasting; I can taste the crispy turkey skin
secretly passed to me before the meal.

Over the years, my traditions changed as I raised my own family and cooked my
own turkey. Some years have been tougher than others, whether from life’s
circumstances or from significant losses, but I have always tried to remember why
I celebrate this time of year - why I intentionally set aside this one day a year to
reflect on why I am grateful and ways in which I can express that gratitude to

I once read a story of a woman who found gratitude in one of the most horrendous
times – the holocaust. She and her sister were placed together in a flea infested
barrack at a concentration camp. At a particular low point, the sister tried to offer
encouragement by telling her that she still needed to find a reason to be thankful,
but she could not see one.

The sisters managed to hide a book in the barracks. They started reading from it to
some of the other ladies late at night. As the bedtime numbers grew, the danger of
exposure increased. One particularly frightful night, all the barracks were to be
searched. The sisters huddled in fear, but their barrack was overlooked. The sisters
later learned that the guards intentionally avoided their barrack because it was so
flea infested. The woman found her reason to be grateful – for the fleas.
Since reading that story, I have tried to remind myself to be grateful, even in the
most difficult times…even if it’s for the fleas. If I look hard enough, I can always
see the gift in every situation. In the wise words of Marcie from the Peanut’s Gang,
“We should just be thankful for being together.” As we celebrate this Thursday,
may we all find a reason to be grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Michele Harris

Deputy Chief – Juvenile Court

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