The Major Crimes Division (MCD) handles the most serious, violent felonies committed within Chatham County and works to get these cases to trial sooner. Because of the severity and complexity of these cases, MCD caseloads are lower, but the preparation and expertise required for prosecution of these cases  is far more intense. Such matters include but are not limited to homicide, kidnapping, sexual assault, and armed robbery cases.  MCD allows the office to devote greater focus and resources to cases involving vulnerable populations, or those otherwise referred to as “special victims.”  The attorneys with a Special Victims Unit designation specialize in felony domestic violence, child abuse, sex offender violations, and elder abuse cases.

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Ray Daniel, Esq.

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Timothy Dean, Esq.

Special Victims Unit 

Crimes Against Children

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Brian DeBlasiis, Esq.

Claire Farley, Esq.

Jillian Gibson, Esq.

Abigail Long, Esq.

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Brad Thompson, Esq.

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Christian Stolfe, Esq. 
Gangs & Guns Prosecutor