The Other Felonies Division (OFD) prosecutes all other felonies that do not fall within the MCD category.  Such cases include but are not limited to offenses such as the sale and distribution of controlled substances, burglary, arson, high-value theft, aggravated battery and other cases involving serious injuries that do not result in death.

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Candace Blyden.jpg
Anthony Burton.jpg

James Barrow, Esq. 
Special Victim’s Unit

Candace Blyden, Esq. 
Special Victim’s Unit

Anthony Burton, Esq.

Katie Fite.png

Katie Fite-Magyar, Esq.

Greg McConnell.jpg
Mike Kelley (r).jpg

Michael Kelley, Esq.
Special Victim’s Unit

Greg McConnell, Esq.
 Lead ADA

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Bryan Roy (r).jpg
Donna Simms.jpg
Kristjan Whiteway.jpg

Renee Roberts, Esq.

Bryan Roy, Esq.

Donna Sims, Esq.
Special Victim’s Unit

Kristjan Whiteway, Esq.