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Effective January 2022, the Superior Court reorganized their courtroom structure in order to dispose of cases more efficiently. The Office of the District Attorney, in conjunction with the court, redeployed assistant district attorneys in a structure that compliments the court’s reorganization.  As a result, the designations Major Crime Division (MCD) and Other Felony Division (OFD) no longer exist. 

The revised DAO courtroom structure has a lead assistant district attorney (“ADA”) in each courtroom who is supported by two other assistant district attorneys.  These teams will handle the most serious, violent felonies committed within Chatham County and work to get these cases to trial sooner. Such matters include but are not limited to homicide, kidnapping, sexual assault, and armed robbery cases.  These teams will also prosecute all other felonies that include but are not limited to offenses such as the sale and distribution of controlled substances, burglary, arson, high-value theft, aggravated battery and other cases involving serious injuries that do not result in death.

There are five ADAs that have a Special Victims Unit designation. That team specializes in felony domestic violence, child abuse, sex offender violations, and elder abuse cases.

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